A vision to ensure total quality in every element of business management system. It is committed to ensure dynamic, competent, self-reliant and socially responsible citizens through molding model managers. It has adopted special methodologies to inculcate service mentality among the students.
To develop society responsible, quality embed employable and culturally motivated students, through market driven, socially relevant curriculum, by achieving attitudinal changes through internalizing responsibilities and valued for the progress of the community at large, through academic improvement and business management system empowerment.
Vidya Devo Bhava
Under the slogan “Vidya Devo Bhava” Sri H.M.Gangadharaiah, Shikshana “Bheeshma” established Sri Siddhartha Education Society (SSES) in the year 1959. With the divine grace and blessings of Sri Acharya Vinobha Bhave on the basis of providing good facilities and education, especially for those pupil coming from rural and backward classes.

‘Siddhartha’ symbolizes helping the needy, “Bahujana Hithaya, Bahujana Sukhaya” Siddhartha Education Society is like a broad tree where Sri Siddhartha Institute of Business Management is a sub branch of it which has shed its shelter.

At present SSES is running around 80 Educational institutions, where SSES is the pearl of the city.
Bird’s View of the Institution
Sri Siddhartha Institution of Business Management (SSIBM) the bloom in the SSES garden, is situated in picturesque campus of SSIT. SSIBM is affiliated to Tumkur University and recognized by the Government of Karnataka, Certificated awarded BBM degree from Tumkur University. It is specially furnished to explore students towards Business Management studies.
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